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Favourite MedAdvisor Features

Easy to use intuitive, automated tools to help you manage all your medicine.

  • Automatic Medication List
    Smart list of your medications, updated every time you fill scripts. Full script, repeat, dosage, and supply detials.
  • Tap-To-Refill
    Order prescriptions with a tap so they're ready to collect at the pharmacy - no waiting!
  • Carer ModeTM
    Manage the medication of other family members from within your MedAdvisor account.
  • Take-My-Meds
    Reminds you when to take specific medications each day, at the appropriate times of the day.
  • Mediaction Information
    Ful information for all your medicines in easy-to-access sections, so you can quickly learn more.
  • fill-My-Scripts
    Automatically reminds you when to fill your recurring scripts, and chases you up if you foget.

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