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Medela Hydrogel Pads 4 Pack

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If you’re breastfeeding and have sore or cracked nipples, Medela hydrogel pads support healing and offer instant, soothing relief.
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This Product May Not Be Right For You. Always Read The Label, Warnings And Instructions For Use, Before Purchase. Breast Milk Is Best For Most Babies.

Medela Hydrogel pads come in packs of four individually wrapped sterile pads.
Ingredients: Water, glycerol, polymer. Medela Hydrogel pads come in packs of four individually wrapped sterile pads.
The Hydrogel Pads are intended for single use as soothing breast pads for nursing mothers. Wash hands before using the product. • Open pouch. • Remove gel pad from the plastic liner. • Gently place the gel side of the pad directly over your nipple. • Do not use if the pouch is open or damaged. • Prior to breastfeeding, remove the gel pad. • Place on a clean surface. • Gently wash the breast with warm water and pat dry. • Then start breastfeeding. • After breastfeeding, reapply the gel pad. • Do not use soaps or detergents to clean pad. • Store gel pads in a cool, dry place. • For more cooling sensation, gel pads can be stored in the fridge. • Reusable for 24 hours. • If gel pad becomes cloudy or milky, please discard and use a new one. Optional: To improve soothing, briefly pass the gel side of the pad under a cool stream of water (1–2 seconds), shake off excess water and set aside for 2 minutes. Do not rinse more than twice a day.
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