Karma Rub Liquid Magnesium 250ml

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Naturally occurring Magnesium Chloride - roughly 85gms per ml of Magnesium for use on muscles, nerves, tendons
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This Product May Not Be Right For You. Always Read The Label, Warnings And Instructions For Use, Before Purchase. Breast Milk Is Best For Most Babies.

MAGNESIUM LEVELS: Karma Rub Natural has roughly 85mg per ml of pure magnesium. 5ml used every day will give your body's daily requirement of magnesium. Recommended daily allowance 320mg for women and 400mg for men About: Exercise, stress, alcohol and smoking all deplete Magnesium in the body. Magnesium is used within the body to carry electrical signals via nerves and oxygen via cells to and from the muscles. Magnesium is also critical in removing lactates from muscle groups. Magnesium is used in the body to control nerve action, heart activity, neuromuscular transmission, muscle contraction, vascular tone, blood pressure and peripheral blood flow. The importance of magnesium to maintaining health and wellbeing cannot be overstated. Magnesium will help with relaxing muscles, nerves and tendons and helps ligaments within joints remain flexible and strong. To Use: Spray or smear Karma Rub Natural over muscle groups that are fatigued or cramping. It can be placed on the neck or feet to help with stress. It can be used on any joint that needs attention. Do not rub in - let soak in for five to ten minutes and then wipe crystallized salt residue off with moist cloth (optional). Use whilst participating in sport leave on skin – do not remove. Can be massaged in when mixing with a carry oil or moisturizer. Caution - Do not massage in, in it’s natural form, it will act like an abrasive. This product may sting or tingle due to the high level of magnesium in the product but does not damage or burn the skin. To remove it, use a moist cloth. CONTENTS: NATURALLY OCCURRING - NON MANUFACTURED OR BLENDED Karma Rub contains between 35 and 45% Magnesium Chloride. (It's naturally sourced from our aqueducts and the magnesium levels change with the seasons), approx. 3% magnesium sulfate and rest is an aqueous solution of minerals including zinc, iron, and calcium 4 Drops Pure essential Lemon Myrtle Oil per 250ml bottles to add scent. 2 drops per 100ml and one drop each for the 45ml and 15ml. The Anti-bacterial properties of Karma Rub gives this product a long shelf life.
Magnesium Chloride trace elements iron, Zinc, Copper
Smear product on the skin where needed and let soak in for ten minutes. Wipe residual salt film off if required
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