Health & Beauty with Alex & Mia Fevola

Runway Room Health & Beauty
16 May 2024
Health & Beauty with Alex & Mia Fevola
"There's a huge correlation between health and beauty, if you feel good you will look great!" — Alex Fevola

At Direct Chemist Outlet, we believe that beauty and wellness go hand in hand. That's why we're thrilled to bring you insights from Alex and Mia Fevola, the dynamic duo behind Runway Room Cosmetics.

Alex on Health & Wellness

Alex Fevola, the force behind Runway Room Cosmetics, shared her insights on the relationship between health and beauty. "I shop for everything at DCO! From tan to fragrance, and medications."

For Alex, the attractiveness of Runway Room lies in its ethical production in Australia. "Our products are made ethically right here in Australia", she touted. "Our formulas are weightless and made from sophisticated skin-loving ingredients. Alex's passion for ensuring skin health through makeup resonated as she added, "I know I'm treating my skin well with every wear."

Highlighting the connection between health and beauty, Alex commented, "There's a huge correlation between health and beauty, if you feel good, you will look great!" Her dedication to non-toxic, ethical practices in Runway Room's products underscores this. "Our cosmetics are non-toxic, talc-free, minimal nasties and high quality, but also great for your skin!" she emphasized, reinforcing the brand's commitment to wellness.

Reflecting on her journey as an entrepreneur, Alex emphasised the importance of balance. "I think having a supportive partner at home and a supportive team professionally is key to making it all work", she shared. Her genuine love for her work drives her to make beautiful products that are effortless, empowering everyone to glow with confidence!

Mia on Beauty Inside & Out

Mia Fevola, the face of Runway Room Cosmetics, agreed with her mum on the relationship between health and beauty. "I think beauty really reflects from the inside-out", she affirmed. "Feeling healthy is the foundation of confidence, my most confident self is when I'm feeling healthy", she added.

When asked about her beauty routine, Mia emphasised the importance of skin preparation. "Skin prep is vital to pre-makeup application", she revealed.

Her love for Runway Room cosmetics stems from its safety and effectiveness. "I love knowing what I'm putting on my skin every day is non-toxic and good for my skin", she expressed. "But mostly, it's the way it makes my skin look! I've never had products that make me look so fresh", she added.

Looking Forward

As we pave the way for future collaborations with Runway Room, including expanding the Runway Express range, we're excited to offer our customers even more options to elevate their beauty routines. Stay tuned for new products and experiences coming soon to Direct Chemist Outlet stores near you!

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