Direct Chemist Outlet is a pharmacy group developed for customers who want a wide range of beauty, healthcare and pharmaceutical needs at affordable prices.

…Below are just a few of the many services our pharmacy can provide to you

Safety Net – “Let our Pharmacist keep a track of your Safety Net for you”

Many medicines cost much more than you pay—some cost hundreds of dollars. The Australian Government pays for some of it for you through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). If you or your family need a lot of medicine, the PBS Safety Net helps you with the costs.

Once you or your family reach your Safety Net threshold, you can get a PBS Safety Net card from your pharmacist. With this card, your PBS medicine will be cheaper, or free, for the rest of the calendar year. If you choose a higher-priced brand of medicine, or your doctor prescribes one, you may need to pay more.

You must keep a record of your PBS medicines on a Prescription Record Form, which you can get from your Direct Chemist Outlet pharmacist. Each time you get a PBS medicine give your form to your pharmacist who will update it. If you have a family, ask your pharmacist to combine the amounts for your family Safety Net total.

Your Direct Chemist pharmacist will be able to keep a computer record for you.

Prescription Storage

If you have multiple prescriptions or don’t want to have to remember to bring your prescription with you, we can help make it easier. We can store your repeat prescriptions for you. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll never lose or forget a prescription!

Have you had your Blood Pressure checked?

Our convenient free service can help monitor your blood pressure between visits to your doctor. This test may be done to screen for abnormal blood pressure. It is measured at most routine visits to the doctor in older children and adults. If you have abnormal blood pressure, or other blood pressure-related conditions, your doctor may recommend more frequent monitoring. We can help keep your records up to date between visits for you.

Please note, Low blood pressure may be a sign of a variety of illnesses, including heart failure, infection, gland disorders, and dehydration, if in doubt, make an appointment to see your nearest Family Doctor.

Medication Management Services. The simple, safe way of managing multiple medications.

Tablets and capsules are dispensed into a clearly labeled pack containing a seven days supply. The morning, noon, evening and night-time doses are each sealed into their own blister. Each blister-pack is clearly identified with the day and time to take the medicine.

You will receive several of these packs at one time giving you a multi-week supply and should use the packs in date order.

  • Fast and easy way to keep track of your medication
  • Reduce risk of over/under medicating
  • Simplify your medication
  • Let our pharmacist help with your needs

Please see your nearest Direct Chemist Outlet Pharmacist for a solution that would best suit your needs.