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Looking After Your Mental Health This Festive Season

Looking After Your Mental Health This Festive Season
24 August, 2021
By Direct Chemist Outlet

Looking After Your Mental Health This Festive Season

Looking After Your Mental Health This Festive Season

- By Irene Vergos, Healthcare Pharmacist at Direct Chemist Outlet

Christmas may look a little different again this year. And for some, just the thought of the festive season during this pandemic may spark anxiety and amplify the feeling of isolation and change. If you are beginning to feel overwhelmed, it is okay to feel this way. There are many things that you can do to take care of your mental wellbeing. The first step is to reach out and speak to someone and focus on the things you can control. Express your feelings to a trusted family member, close friend or reach out your GP if you feel you require more professional assistance.

Self-Care for your Mental Health

I will try to focus on the things


- Stay connected with friends and family and try to find moments of humour.

- Get outside into the sunshine and plan to go for a walk everyday. The fresh air and vitamin D from being outside and endorphins from the exercise are essential for your wellbeing.

- Set a routine and don’t go to be bed too late.

- Eat a balanced diet; include foods that will boost your immune system and avoid foods that might make you feel sluggish or bloated.

- Set up a nice area in your home or backyard that is your space to read a book, listen to some music, do a wordsearch or Sudoku and sit back to quiet your mind.

- Be kind to yourself and each other; the simplest acts of kindness can play a big impact on both yours and another person’s day.

- Make sensible choices. Avoid meeting with anyone or going to the shops even if you feel slightly unwell. Get tested at the earliest signs of symptoms.

- Remind yourself to stay in the moment and focus on what you can do now.

- Speak with your DCO Pharmacist about any supplements that may help assist with your wellbeing.


I will try to let go of the things


- Thoughts on how long this pandemic will last.

- The actions of others.

- Predicting what will happen next.

- How other people react and their beliefs.

- Other people’s motives.

- What is shown on the news or social media.

- The Australian economy.

- Change; as change is inevitable.

- If others choose not to social distance.




DISCLAIMER: This material contains general information about medical conditions and treatments and is intended for educational purposes only. It does not constitute medical or professional advice, nor should it be used for the purposes of diagnosing or treating any illness. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, you should consult your local pharmacist or health provider to obtain professional advice relevant to your specific circumstances.





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