Huggies Little Swimmers, Unisex, Large (14+kg), 10 Swim Nappies


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• Designed for water use with no swelling
• Disposable swim pant with easy-open sides for easy removal.
• Feature protective leak guards for outstanding protection against messes.
• #1 choice for Mums
• Perfect for all swimming occasions including at home, at public pools, and at the beach.

Huggies Little Swimmers swimpants provide outstanding protection for worry-free water fun. With easy-open sides for a easy removal Little Swimmers disposable swimpants are designed not to swell the water unlike regular nappies. Huggies Little Swimmers are designed to be worn under a swimming costume or on their own as they have Disney designs kids love. Huggies Little Swimmers swimpants are available in threes sizes; Small (7 - 12KG), Medium (11 - 15KG) and Large (14+KG).

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